Friday, April 10, 2009

I Heart Faces - Constructive Feedback Friday

I would really like SOOC advice on my photo so I purposely chose not to do any editing to it (and choose a not so great shot) - I hope this is ok!. I live in Hawaii and with a lot of direct sunlight, on very sunny days, there tend to be a lot of shadows on photos I take when the weather isn't overcast. This photo is a bit noisy when you zoom in as well. I would LOVE advice on how to prevent some of this SOOC and then post editing fixes. Thanks in advance!

I'm still in the process of learning (the camera is 2 weeks new) and reading like mad!

Nikon 300D - f/5.6 - time 1/16000/sec - ISO 320 - no flash - focal length 55mm

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  1. I'd say the main goal is to avoid backlighting as much as possible on your pictures and really try to get some nice open shade or direct (but non-blinding) light on her face. To fix the photo, I'd open it in the RAW editor and increase the fill light. I'd also run the decrease the noise. Once the face shows better, than the other adjustments the need to be made will be more obvious.

    Poor you, living in that dreaded sunny Hawaii. :)

  2. Drewmark19 is absolutely correct. One of the biggest "photography moments" for me was when it clicked that indirect light and open shade were the types of lighting situations I needed to find when shooting my subjects.

    That said, even when you are using indirect light (ie. standing next to a home where the light can bounce off the siding) and open shade (ie. sitting on the shaded driveway next to a home) you need to look for the source of light at all times. See what direction the light is coming from and then let that light capture the catchlights that you'll see in your child's eyes.

    By always looking for the indirect light that can be captured in the eyes of your subject, you will see your photography transform for the better!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces