Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Photographer in Me

I've been an avid picture taker for more than half of my life.  I LOVE taking pictures.  I've never ever considered myself an artist before.  I liked working with numbers.  I liked things that were definite and 'correctable'.  I've discovered that I AM an artist and I'm loving EVERY minute of it.  I did a photo shoot today with one of my best friends and not only did I have fun doing it but I learned that I'm actually quite good!  It was only the second ever shoot that I've directed and I think I actually DO have an eye for what makes a great shot.  YAY for me!  School is really helping me.  It's giving me confidence and allowing me to think outside the box.  It's encouraging me to KNOW that I can take a good picture and that I don't need to photoshop the hell out of it for it to be great.  I LOVE that!

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  1. YOU are an artist, talented photographer, loving Mom and funtabulous blogger! happy to met you here!