Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, the Hires family was particularly lucky this year.  Brian, who is currently in the middle of a 12 month tour in Afghanistan, came home for Christmas.  He was lucky enough to get his midtour leave right smack dab in the middle of Christmas.  Coincidentally, he was here for his birthday and our 12 year anniversary as well (all within 2 weeks, perfect!)  Here are some of my favorite shots from the past couple of days. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Wasn't it nice of her to pose for me?  I even got a smile!

 Cookies for Santa!  The ornament tree was handmade by me!

This really is what Christmas is all about...

Anyone who knows me will understand why I took this picture... ;)

Santa definitely made a stop at our house!


This is the first photo of her beginning to open gifts...

I think she's warmed up at this point...

Let the games begin!

I'm on a roll now, get outta my way!

Taking a moment to check out some of the loot...

Isn't it nice to see a master at work??

Don't forget about the stocking!

I just can't explain how good this is to see...

There is a wicked story behind the securing of this vanity from Target.  Let's suffice it to say that it involved Target on Black Friday - the first Black Friday at Target that Oahu, HI resident's had ever seen.  Need I say more??

Merry Christmas Hope...

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