Sunday, December 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Hilarious Outtakes

I don't have many but these are some that I get a kick out of when thinking back....

Avery took a bit of a nap before the shoot and had a hard time getting into things, this made for a great outtake though :)

Lucy didn't want the Santa hat on and I nabbed this one while she was in the process of taking it off.  I love it!

I get a lot of outtakes of Hope since I'm always snapping pictures of her.  You wouldn't know it but she was listening to a book at playgroup during this shot.  I guess she didn't like the direction the story was heading....

I swear Ashlee was having a great time during our shoot.  It's funny because the sun was a bit bright so I asked her to close her eyes and open on the count of three.  I guess I should have asked to her to smile before 3 ;)

Please take a moment to stop by  and check out more of the hilarious outtakes posted by a lot of talented people.  It's sure to give you a laugh (or 2)!


  1. I'm following now, cute photos!

  2. The yawning one is so sweet! Cute pictures!

  3. Your mistake pictures are pretty : ) I love yawns on little girls. The cutest : ) And SO funny about the book picture : )

  4. LOL I love the one of the child taking the hat off. Too cute! :)

  5. Love the yawning pic. Nice shot and cute!

  6. Love the book picture! :D

    Too cute.

  7. even your outtakes are beautiful!
    love all your pictures! :)