Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 Blog

6/365 - From  Angry Chicken , I found Screaming for Chocolate.  I probably stopped here and decided to read because I'm one of millions who are on a weight loss kick in the new year and the 'chocolate' screamed at me.  I loved reading 'Coco's (not sure if that is her real name) About Me.  She's a mom and grandma (beautiful family!) and works from home.  I loved reading about her dogs and was saddened to see she'd recently lost a job.  

5/365 - From Stepping Off the Spaceship, I found Angry Chicken.  (How could I stop at any other blog?!)  This blog written by Amy is a fantastic place for anyone who aspires to be a better cook, sewer, parent, etc etc.  She's a creative genius!  Published author, college educated, fantastically creative, she's a lot of fun!  Her site made me hungry (lots of food photos) so I'm off to eat breakfast.  Please check her site out - she doesn't really need my help but I'm happy I found her!

4/365 - From Tact is for..., I found Stepping Off the Spaceship.  This blog written by Reiza immediately resonated with me partially due to the fact that she is a former military spouse.  One thing that struck me about her blog is the diversity in her posts.  It really has something for everyone!  Take a moment and check her out, if you haven't already!

3/365 - From the Blogging Mum,  I found Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.  If you haven't stopped by this blog written by Heather, please go now.  It's hilarious!  This mom from Utah knows how to write like it's nobodies business.  Her last post has to do with snuggies, running shoes and earbuds.  How's that for variety??

2/365 - I just had to pick the Blogging Mum for day two.  She's someone.  I've known her for more than three years now and we've never met in person.  Melanie is a fantastic writer and photographer and her blog is often updated with posts of deep self discovery and or rediscovery.  We have children who are the same age and arguably the cutest (and most photographed) on the planet.

1/365 - Photography by Michelle Hires Stay at home mom and aspiring photographer.  My blog will be a mix of personal and professional posts until I figure things out some more.


  1. Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for stopping by. Very interesting concept of blogging. I like it. I hope that you checked out some of my photos I took last year, especially in New Orleans. I love taking photos and would truly appreciate an opinion from someone who is studying photography. Will you be posting more of your work here?


  2. You're welcome! It's been a fun project so far and I hope to be able to keep it up for the full 365 days. I'll take a look at the photos and will surely provide some feedback!
    I will definitely be putting a lot more work up this year. This is my first real blogging adventure so I hope to be able to find the time to keep up with it.